Jerry Jones: Labor Union Files Complaint Over Benching Threat

Jerry Jones: Labor Union Files Complaint Over Benching Threat

A labor union has filed a complaint against Jerry Jones for his announced policy to bench players who don’t stand during the national anthem before NFL games.

United Labor Unions Local 100, which represents workers in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, has filed a request asking the National Labor Relations Board to investigate Jones “preemptively in order to prevent illegal firings of players,” USA Today reported.

On its Facebook page, the union posted a message saying, “Sorry, Jerry, you’re over the line, partner.”

Chief organizer Wade Rathke told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Jones lacks the authority to impose any consequence on players who kneel, sit, or otherwise protest during the anthem.

“Jones through his efforts to bully his playing workforce is attempting to unilaterally establish a previously nonexistent condition of work,” Rathke said.

The claim will be investigated by a field agent, who will contact the NFL players association and the team, the Star-Telegram reported.

The NFL game operations manual instructs that players “should” stand during the anthem, but the league has not imposed any penalties or punishments on the hundreds of players who have protested during the anthem in some way.

The protests and the policies surrounding them are expected to be a topic of conversation during the NFL owners meetings next week in New York.

Rathke thought it was unlikely the NLRB would take action about the union’s complaint, he told The Dallas Morning News.

Twitter felt Jones had the power to say who plays and that the union didn’t have much of a leg to stand on.