Tom Price Quits Health and Human Services Amid Private Flight Scandal

Tom Price Quits Health and Human Services Amid Private Flight Scandal

Lawmakers from both the House and Senate have called on Trump officials to disclose information about their use of private planes, which include military aircraft. Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, on Thursday called for a prohibition on charter flight travel by officials.

The Office of the Inspector General is also reviewing the matter, and the Department of Health and Human Services has launched an additional internal review. Meanwhile, voices on the left, including Scott Dworkin, cofounder of the Democratic Coalition, had called on the president to fire Price over the matter.

Trump weighed in on Wednesday, telling reporters, “Personally, I’m not happy about it, and I let him know it.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had told reporters Thursday that the administration was waiting for the results of the inspector general inquest before making decisions.

Other Trump officials, including Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, also have been criticized for using private flights or requesting to do so.

The inspector general at the Treasury Department is looking into the Mnuchin matter, which included a request to use a government plane for his honeymoon over the summer.